I would like to share with you information which can improve your knowledge about wound care.

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Wound care modalities:

    1. Electrical Stimulation
    2. Ultrasound
      a. High frequency – traditional high frequency ultrasound has been used for years by physical therapists with acute injuries. It can also be utilized for wound healing. However, it the last few years the latest low frequency ultrasounds have been specifically developed for chronic wound healing.
      b. Low frequency: Contact (Misonix), (Arobella Qoustic Wound Therapy), (Soring Sonoca180)
      c. Low frequency: Non-Contact (MIST Therapy)

      Pulsed shortwave diathermy and articles

      Dressing categories: for information regarding transparent films, foams, hydrocolloids, calcium alginates, chemical debriders, honey dressings, antimicrobials, and compression dressings please refer to these sites.

      1. www.smith-nephew.com/key-products/advanced-wound-management/dressing-types
      2. http://woundeducators.com/resources/wound-dressings/
      3. Hydrocolloids
      4. Honey dressings

      Negative Pressure Wound Therapy:

        1. The science behind Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
        2. Smith & Nephew Treatment Systems
        3. Guidelines for using Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
        4. Prospera Wound Care Systems