Hello Reiki People,

Have you seen the movie “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”? It’s a sneaky one for sure. It starts out slow and makes one wonder why to continue watching. But there is an undercurrent that catches ahold of you and carries you out until you are completely lost in the movie. It is about a group of seniors, as in age not school, who are dissatisfied with their retirement options and set out find what else is available to them. There is one character,  decides to “turn left”.

In her later years, she makes a bold choice to be happy. She tells her husband she is turning left (watch the movie) and in doing so creates a profound and far reaching ripple effect much like the Butterfly effect in chaos theory. Sometimes not all tidal waves are bad. What was good for her, was good for those around her: though it did not seem like it at first.

It takes being willing to break a pattern or cycle. It takes being willing to be uncomfortable. If you do not like where you are headed or if you simply want something different, turn left