Lymphedema Management

Lymphedema ManagementLymphedema is a chronic condition that affects millions of people. In United States alone, an estimated 3 million people are affected. The most common cause of lymphedema in the US is damage to the lymphatic system secondary to surgery for cancer.

Kris Dalseg, PT CWS CLT, is developing a program to assist you in your home to manage lymphedema. There is no current cure for lymphedema. Complete Decongestive Therapy is current gold standard for treatment of lymphedema. Kris is offering to assist you in managing your chronic lymphedema with manual lymphatic drainage. She can also assist you in making decisions for your purchase of compression garments to maintain reduction of your lymphedema. Kris does not sell compression garments or issue them, however, she can assist you with this decision.

Please contact Kris Dalseg, PT CWS CLT for further information.

Please note: A physician’s order may be necessary before services are rendered and all services are provided on a cash basis. Kris does not bill insurance nor provide necessary information for you to bill insurance.