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“Home” This song was composed for my best friend and partner in the world, Anne. She wanted me to compose a song about releasing your day. The first minute of this song is all about the chaos of our lives. And then we release it, going into our perfect home, leaving the day behind.

“Really Long Way Home” When I first composed this song, I thought it would be 30 minutes long (just like all my other compositions). Then I fell in love with this song. I wanted to play it during my Reiki sessions. When I play my other songs, that are all 30 minutes in length, I put them on “repeat” for a session. Well, that won’t work for this song (you would revisit the chaos of your day!). As a result, I looped the happiness of the song and created the “Really Long Way Home”. This version was made specifically for using during 60 minute sessions. Enjoy!

Song length 30 minutes 17 seconds
Song length 59 minutes 26 seconds

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Song Length

59 minutes 27 seconds, 30 minutes 15 seconds